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Business Name: Shaklee
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Since my teens I was aware I had chemical sensitivities and allergies, as I could never wear perfume or use bleach, and I would often get headaches or feel unwell when I cleaned the house. After being introduced to Shaklee’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaners and personal care products, these symptoms vanished. I hadn’t realized that the toxic environment with which I was unwittingly surrounding myself, was causing my problems. My oldest daughter, who had suffered from many allergies since birth, also got similar relief. We also noticed a definite strengthening of her immune system after supplementing with the Shaklee nutritional products. I was even more impressed to learn that the products were backed by over half a century of research and development, under the guiding philosophy of being made in harmony with nature. In addition, Shaklee had achieved the distinction of having many peer reviewed published clinical results on their prooducts.

As a result of having such highly effective products, produced by a company committed to scientific integrity and solid clinical research, I became an enthusiastic promoter of the products and a proud Business Associate. My family and I have been enjoying tremendous personal health, environmental, and financial benefits ever since.

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